video counseling is very convenient and affordable

Video Webcam Counseling….

Video webcam counseling is the most modern, most innovative and least anonymous platform on which to engage in therapeutic dialogue. It’s even more intrusive than you going to an office as the counselor actually comes into your space. The counselor can see you in your environment, and you can see the counselor. It’s the next best thing to being in the same room talking to each other, hearing and listening to each other, and seeing each other. And yet, you may be in your own home, and the counselor in theirs. It is rather remarkable that such proximity to each other can be achieved and yet so far away from each other.

It’s not enough to simply have Internet connection to engage in webcam video counseling. You need to have an Internet speed capable of supporting video bandwidth. You need to have a computer capable of running webcam software. You need the webcam, microphone and speakers. Even entry level computers these days, either desktop or laptop, may well have built in webcam and microphone as well as software which can be used for video webcam conferencing. Even modern tablets and smartphones have built in capabilities for video webcam interactions.

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