Throughout the ages there have been notable individuals who have given verbal expression to the timeless wisdom teachings in ways that is both practical and profound. One such person in today’s world is Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. Here in this video segment of a talk at Google Headquarters in California, Sadhguru expounds on the movement towards consciousness, not only in terms of individual well-being, but as a prerequisite for solving some of humanities most pressing problems. As he notes, you can’t use the intellect that created the problems in the first place to solve the problems. Something more is needed. Something beyond intellect. We need to move towards consciousness.

Consciousness does not mean becoming self-conscious. Self-consciousness is sickness; unconsciousness is death. Being conscious just means that you are in touch with the root of who you are. What you call as consciousness is not an act, an idea or even a quality – it is the very basis of creation. If we say your consciousness has risen, it does not mean you are more alert than your German Shepard. Alertness is of the mind. Consciousness is not of the mind, but if consciousness is on, it clears the mind. It forcefully finds its expression through the mind and body, through every cell of your living being.” – SJV

If you would like to hear more from this enlightened man, visit Isha Foundation

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