wherever you are there it is

“When you take something that’s inert, and through motion, give it life, make it appear to be alive, living, breathing thinking and having emotions, that’s animation.

– John Lasseter

Wherever you are, there it is. There what is? It. What’s it? It is that which animates matter. Where is it not? Where are electrons not spinning around their nucleus? Where are planets not revolving around their star? Where are plants and animals not animated? A rock is atoms of minerals moving so fast they are hard solid objects. Even at death, disintegration is animation, cells dispersing, flesh decomposing. That which animates matter is ‘it.’ Wherever you are, there it is. Wherever you are not, there it is. It permeates the past, and the present. It spreads itself with seamless effulgence into the future. It unfolds itself from within itself like a spider’s web weaving time and space, in motion, animated.

Animation sounds a lot like any motion. Any motion is happening because of it; it which animates matter is the basis, the source, the ground, the fountainhead of any and all motion. Motion is metered matter. All motion is meter, frequency, vibration. That which animates matter has typically been referred to as ‘spirit.’ In today’s world, that which animates matter is labeled ‘energy.’ Matter is energy animated, with meter and rhythm, frequencies and vibrations. The animated cosmos is also not without creative ‘teleos’ which is the intrinsic wholistic intelligence guiding the unfoldment of itself into defined forms, and functions, which evolve, mutate, morph. Life is animation. Animation is energy in metered motion of matter.

Energy exists as potential energy, and as kinetic energy. Kinetic is an older language word that literally translates as ‘motion.’ Potential refers to possibilities. Kinetics refers to actualization of possibilities. Energy in it’s potential form is undefined and formless. As potential, it is no motion, a silent still nest, quiescent and flat. It is not an object, a no-thing. As kinetic, it is waves of motion, any motion, which is animation. It is because of this potential energy of possibilities, that teleo-kinetic energy, actualized matter, exists at all. Kinetic actualization is predicated on potential of possibilities. Wherever you are, or are not, there defined kinetic animation is happening, arising from the ever present and limitless possibilities of undefined existential potential.

Although it, this undefined formless potential of energy, permeates animated life, that animated life, experienced through the perceptual apparatus of the biological senses, is but a partial view, a sliver of a broad spectrum of metered motion, kinetic animation. It is well known that we do not hear a lot of sounds, or see a lot of colors, because our perceptual apparatus functions within certain limits of the full spectrum. Beyond those limits, animation is happening. Just because it is not perceived does not mean it is not actual. The cells of a body are actual, though invisible to the naked eye. The atoms of nitrogen and oxygen which make up the air, are vital, and invisible to the naked eye. The sound of microwaves is not heard, but does exist, just as the sound of some radio waves which are heard, are a small slice of the full spectrum. There is more to life than what is seen and heard as a biological organism with limited perceptual faculties which though highly developed, are also specialized i.e., species defined.

There can be a wondrous sense of calm coherence when one simply acknowledges, recognizes, realizes, recalls, remembers or in some way apprehends this notion that it, as undefined, formless potential energy, animates all kinetic forms and functions from the atoms and cells of organisms large and small to the minerals that constitute the land and sea upon which organisms depend, to the planet as a whole, and beyond. Any motion, from the most subtle, refined and delicate, to the most gross, dense and crude, is energy, in motion; it is the teleo-kinetic unfolding of actualization from limitless potential in time frames that ranges from seconds to eons. Wherever you are, there it is. And, essentially, ‘it thou art.’

A well established method of affirming this notion of it in the soil of one’s mind is the traditional spiritual gesture of greeting in which both palms of the hand are pressed together lightly in front of the chest below the chin (or, at times, as high as the forehead) as is verbalized ‘I acknowledge and respect within you the intelligent energy that animates all life.’ One can approach a person, an animal, a plant, a rock, anything that is composed of animated teleo-kinetic atoms, and greet it with this affirmation. Try it. Walk up to a tall stately tree, or a weed in the dirt, and greet it as if it were, if even invisible to your naked eyes, animated by and with intelligent energy, which it is, just as are you.

there it is

I acknowledge and respect within you the intelligent energy that animates all life

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