Unsolicited and anonymous client feedback from over the years….

“Ken is the best therapist I have ever found and I am physically and mentally disabled and I have seen various counselors from age 17 till now and I am 53. Plus I had two kinds of cancer we were dealing with and he helped me tremendously. I currently have three therapists and he is so much better than the others .. all of the others, EVER!!”

“I found Mr. Fields to be very knowledgeable on a great number of issues involving the mind.His approach during a relationship session re issues of ‘troubled waters’ between my daughter and me was so spot on.  Our mother/daughter relationship improved vastly.  And he offered us tools to work with on a daily basis as well. His approach is not textbook, but rather a myriad of very effective tools.”

“This man is obviously a very thoughtful person who knows enough about life to be open-minded and generous in his sage advice. He made a lot of sense.”

“He was a huge help, lots of perspective and solid advice.”

“His calming, relaxed style was exactly what I needed to get clarity on a stressful situation.”

“Great insight! Will be reading the book he recommended.”

“I’ve put off speaking to anyone for 6 years since my problem began and Ken seems to completely understand what’s going on.  It’s almost as if he’s me and knows my problem.  I will try his recommendations.”

“Very insightful and had great analogies to help me understand his principles.”

“Fabulous perspective and very educated on the topic I needed to discuss with him.”

“Very insightful, calm, and supportive.  He really helped me with my situation!”

“Really helped me calm down, was feeling extremely anxious and put everything into perspective.”

“Absolutely outstanding gentleman with amazing understanding and vision.”

“Thank you so much! That was very enlightening, and I appreciate the frank conversation and feedback. I will take your suggestion! “

“Mr. Fields is very helpful and insightful, as well as patient dealing with my first-timer bumbling. I was surprised how quickly he was able to get to the heart of the matter despite being on the phone. Coming from someone who’s known many therapists over the years, I can say he is very knowledgeable and professional. His support was validating and really helped me.”

“I was very upset when I called Ken, he made me feel very comfortable, and was so easy to talk with. I am so glad we decided to call, and talk with him. He has taken a load off of our mind. Thanks so much. “