Skill Building in Effective Communication

skill building in effective communication

Skill building in effective communication is not something we typically learn in school. Generally, by the time we graduate from high school, and even college, we have not take any classes in effective communication. Sure, we know how to talk, and listen, but we typically don’t do it very well. Consequently, misunderstandings arise, conflicts brew and our relationships can deteriorate. Effective communication involves not just listening but, rather, active listening. It involves knowing how to inquire, to probe, gently; to ask questions, in the right way. Skill building in effective communication is also more than talking, or listening. It is also about ‘body language.’ It is estimated that about 80% of our communication is visual. Of the remaining 20% that is verbal, a good portion of that is ‘paraverbal’ which is the rate, rhythm, volume, pitch, cadence of our words. It’s not so much what we say as how we say it.

Working with a professional on skill building in effective communication is not just learning about active listening and paraverbals. It is also taking real life examples, from your own life, either historical or current, and using that to point out new ways of interacting using the skills of active listening and asking questions as well as taking into account the body language being used by both us and the person with whom we are communicating.

Although there are many, many books about communication skills, and it is worthwhile to read some, there is an advantage in working directly with a professional as a coach, to help you both learn, and, more importantly, practice, specific skill sets which can improve you overall communication, and negotiation, skills. A live counselor/coach can provide direct and relevant feedback and pointers based on real life situations. If you would like to engage in a coaching like relationship with a professional counselor, contact us via the contact form below. Or, set up a livechat counseling sessiontelephone counseling or video webcam counseling session.

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