“Your brain – every brain – is a work in progress. It is ‘plastic.’ From the day we’re born to the day we die, it continuously revises and remodels, improving or slowly declining, as a function of how we use it.”

-Michael Merzenich

Self-renovation and a changing mind is not unlike remodeling a home. It is rarely necessary to burn the structure to the ground to renovate (unless the foundations are rotten in which case it needs to be demolished and resurrected anew). Rather, the creative element of novation, as in making something new, if even using existing material, is about maintaining the essential structure and adding or subtracting walls, windows, doors, rooms, partitions, etc. Renovation includes redesign, rearrangement, reorganization, reconfiguration and, generally speaking, intentional directed change, presumably for the better. Like a hermit crab outgrowing it’s shell and seeking another, so too our home, our ‘self,’ can become too small, cramped, restrictive. It needs to expand.

Unlike evolution which is an ongoing process of adaptations to the environment through geological time, self-renovation is intentional, and volitional, within personal time. Time is, of course, relative. Biological time is very different than psychelogical time in the same way time when awake is quite a bit different than time when dreaming, or sleeping. Life is generally considered to be only when awake; but, life includes dreaming and sleeping. Both waking and dreaming project what is within outwards. In waking, it is objective; in dreaming, it is subjective. In waking, others can perceive what we project; no others can perceive what we project, within our own mind, during dreams. The notion of having our dreams come true, such that others can perceive them as real, is the expressive drive of projection. It is from that drive, self-renovation becomes relevant because expressiveness, like art, comes from within, and if that which is within is restricted, so too is the projection. A self in abundance projects a different picture than one in scarcity.

As a highly animated human being, projection is a common and natural process of giving objective expression to the subjective content of one’s mind. It is the fundamental art of being human. We project outwardly what we are inwardly. If that inward content is distorted, so will be the projection. Art is often a distorted projection, which makes it what it is. Without distortions and deviations, there would be little if any originality. Self-renovation is an artistic process in which the inward content is remodeled resulting in a revised, updated and reinvigorated projection. Because life and the environment is ever in motion, self-renovation is an ongoing process, lest one become rigid in antiquated models of how to live well in the world.

Generally, we experience ourselves as a body; the biological body is the ‘house that the senses built’; in a psychelogical sense, we experience ourselves as the collection of thoughts and emotions. One could say the psychelogical self is ‘the house that thought built.’ We are body, and thought, or mind; we are also ‘spirit’ which is the larger collective energies and activities that frame our social existence, ranging from the solar field and beyond to the time-bound cultural conditions which define economic, political and environmental norms and in which the personal life lives; a ‘sociological self.’ The self is ‘triadic.’ It is a house with three rooms, or spheres, the biolospheric room, the psychespheric room and the sociospheric room. Self-renovation encompasses all three domains, biological, psychelogical and sociological as they are interlaced and interactive, each influencing the others. 

A human being is defined as such by human beings. Human beings are self-defining. Part of self-renovation is redefinition. We are broader and wider than we know but locked into memories of being limited and narrow. A fanciful way to expand the definition is to view ourselves as fully matter, a triadic integration of solid, liquid and gas. You have a solid self, a liquid self, and a gaseous self. These are correlated with the three major domains of our material self, the personal self, the individual self and the collective self. Going a bit further, equate these with the regions of land, sea and sky.

Triadic Self


State of Matter














The seat of self-renovation is the individual psychespheric self which has capacities of fluidity, adaptability, and creativity, in the sense of reorganizing existing material. It is willful and intentional. It is the volitional fire that moves our persona in the world. It is that part of us that can ‘change our mind.’ We’ve done it before, transitioning from childhood to adolescence, adolescence to adulthood. Even in adulthood, those most successful and healthy are cognizant of the need and importance of a fluid, changing mind. Established patterns of thought have built the house, the self, in which you live today. The house of self in which you live tomorrow is predicated on current patterns of thought, which can change. Self-renovation hinges on a vision of what can become an actuality. Because self-renovation is an ongoing process throughout the life span, or, at least, can be, and, perhaps, should be, self-renovation is the ‘I’ continuing it’s journey, on and on, on and on. I on.

Ion: coined from the Greek ienai “go.” 

You are a charged particle on a journey through spacetime at ‘the University of Life.’ Go. On and on. I on.

Project Ion is the ongoing self-renovation such that, ultimately, the most comprehensive inclusive aspect of self, the collective gaseous sociospheric sky self,  in it’s widest, broadest context, is realized within and outwardly expressed through the solid limitations of the narrow personal life, the land self. Project Ion is the flowering of humanity, spirit in matter, heaven on earth, innocence with experience. The big vast all-inclusive ‘we’ in the small, cramped, limited ‘me.’ All it really takes is a change of mind. An expansion of mind. Go.

“You’re only as young as the last time you changed your mind.”

-Timothy Leary

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