Online Mental Health Resources

Healthy Distractions

There are times in life when a healthy distraction is appropriate especially when intentionally engaged knowing it can be soothing, calming, help focus the mind and regain balance.

National Suicide Hotline
Toll free, confidential and readily available for anyone having thoughts of self harm.

College Suicide Prevention
A Valuable Resource Guide on Emergency Assistance, Warning Signs & Prevention of Suicide in College Students

Befrienders Worldwide
Emotional support services.

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
Toll free and confidential. The nations largest anti-sexual assault organization

Online Health Discussion Board And Health and Medical Related Directory & Search Engine

Self Growth
The Online Self Improvement Encyclopedia

Ezine Articles
A Wealth Of Articles On Various Topics Including Mental And Physical Health, Self Improvement And More.

Center for Nonviolent Communication
Excellent information on effective communication skills

The Mandala Coloring Book
Color therapy, meditation and relaxation all in one….A great resource for parents and teachers.

Career Counseling Resources
Resumes, career transition and return to work resource.

Time Management
Manage your time and accomplish more – without being stressed out.

Mood Gym
An interactive Cognitive-Behavior site for the treatment of depression

The Foundation for Well Being
A site to develop and distribute educational, spiritual and tangible support to people who are experiencing stress due to life events.

Analyze Your Rational. Thinking
Answer the 51 questions and submit the form to learn how well or poorly you think rationally.

The Calm Clinic
A free online guide on how to begin tackling anxiety and panic attacks. It discusses the main topics of different healing options, symptoms and techniques you can try yourself.

Getting Back Into The Dating Game: A Guide For Single Parents
Practical and sound advice for single parents about dating.

CBT Self Help Therapy
This website offers interactive treatment for emotional dysregulation of all kinds, using evidence-based techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Encouragement and Solutions for Anxiety Disorders.

Cyber Safety
An Interactive Guide To Staying Safe On The Internet.

Domestic Violence Prevention Resources
A listing of over 100 useful resources for those needing information about and support for domestic violence and its prevention.

What is Online Counseling: A Guide To Online Therapy
Everything you need to know, questions you need to ask, to find the best, most reliable source for online therapy and internet counseling.

Comprehensive Health Care
HealthUnify is a site the brings together a lot of useful information about being health and happy.

Best Online Dating Sites & Reviews – Consumer Affairs
Confused about what the best dating site is? Take a look at what Consumer Affairs has to say about them in this 2016 annual review.

Helping Children with Anxiety
A wonderful program using animation to help children learn how to cope with and minimize their anxieties.

Help For Parents of Troubled Teens
Parenting a teenager is never easy, but when your teen is violent, depressed, abusing alcohol or drugs, or engaging in other reckless behaviors, it can seem overwhelming. Here is some helpful information.

A Student’s Guide to Recognizing and Reporting Cyber Crime
Understanding cyber threats and abuse are necessary in order to avoid becoming a victim, and it’s also important to know what to do in the event of an online crime.

Guide to Avoiding Cyberbullying in College
Tips, Tools & Solutions for recognizing and stopping bullying in social media and online.

Cyber Laws & Safety
Protect your children and understand the laws of the Internet

37 Techniques to Calm an Anxious Child
A variety of information, skills and tools to help parents, teachers and adults calm an anxious child.

Free Mental Health & Addiction Resources

There are mental health and addiction resources available at no cost at all. Some are informative, meant to educate you about the illness or addiction so you know exactly what it is and how others have successfully overcome it. Others are action-based, supplying you with the tools or exercises necessary to begin to live a better life.

A Guide to Anxiety and Sleep

This guide gets at the link between anxiety and sleep and covers several anxiety disorders that interfere with sleep and which can be alleviated with sleep.

Tips on Being a Better Communicator

communication is far more than just speaking to someone or writing words on a page. In fact, there are dozens of different types of communication. Knowing these types of communication, and understanding how they help you become a better communicator is a key to success.

Everything You Need To Know About Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation can be a serious condition which impacts our physical and mental health. Without proper sleep, we are less effective, less perceptive and less able to enjoy our waking life. Find out about it, including some helpful remedies, in this article.

Some Pointers about Service and Companion Animals

There has been a lot of talk lately about service animals, and the distinction between an emotional support animal. No doubt, animals, in particular dogs and cats, are companions, and have been shown to be an effective antidote to anxiety and depression.

Illnesses of the Mind

In today’s crazy world, it’s good to know that our normal stresses and pressures, disturbances and irritations, does not constitute mental illness. What does constitute mental illness? Read about illnesses of the mind to get some information.

123 Ways to Help Reduce Stress

An abundant list of various activities, attitudes, foods and medicines that can help alleviate the various stresses and relax more in today’s modern hectic societies.

5 Self Sabotaging Habits to Quit

A self-sabotaging habit is a recurring behavior that takes us in the opposite direction of fulfillment and happiness. Learn how to stop these unproductive habits.

Therapy In A Nutshell

A very practical set of short videos by a licensed marriage and family therapist touching on a variety of mental health topics and skills you can easily develop to counter anxieties, depression, trauma, miscommunication and problematic relationship situations.

Top Mental Health Apps

In today’s world many people use apps on their phones or tablets. Mental health apps can be helpful in dealing with anxieties and depressions as well as providing relaxation and guided meditation experiences.

Improving Your Sleep Hygiene

Sleep in paramount. Poor sleep makes for a poor day. Extended poor sleep is a serious health problem. There are ways to improve our quality of sleep and sleep hygiene is critical to both mental and physical health.

The Self-Sabotage Solution You Were Not Expecting

Self-sabotage should be the last thing anyone does, but it’s the most likely! Find out more about how to counter self-sabotaging behaviors.

Understanding Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)

Alcohol use disorder (AUD), previously called alcohol addiction, occurs when a person excessively drinks on a regular basis. They are unable to control their alcohol use. The first step in treatment is to acknowledge the problem. 

OCD Treatment & Therapy

A comprehensive 8-week program designed to provide information and tools to effectively understand, manage and neutralize obsessive compulsive cognitions and behaviors.

Understanding and Responding to Cyberbullying

Bullies in the world have always been an element in social living; however, in today’s social media world, bullying has taken on a new dimension. Learn to see it, hear it, know it and respond to it in effective ways.

Anticipatory Anxiety: Symptoms and Treatment

Anticipatory anxiety can be a debilitating state of mind. There are available evidenced-based approaches and methods which are very effective in minimizing or completely neutralizing anticipatory anxiety.

Addiction Treatment Lifeline

A comprehensive educational guide to addiction treatment and recovery. Addiction is an ever growing personal and social problem for which remedies and healing is available.

When Your Child is The CyberBully

While you can find a plethora of material and guidance about dealing with cyberbullies and helping those who are bullied, there is much less information about what you can do if your own child is the one doing the cyberbullying. This guide to parents of children who themselves are behaving as cyberbullies is a helpful resource.

The Pros and Cons of Sleeping with your Pet

Getting a good night’s sleep is important. For some, sleeping with a pet is conducive to better sleep, and for others, not so. Learn the pros and cons of sleeping with your pet.