Resolving Marital & Relationship Conflicts

resolving marital & relationship conflicts

Resolving marital and relationship conflicts requires communication and negotiation skills we did not learn in school. As such, it is upon us to learn them. What is at the basis of conflict? More often than not, it is misunderstanding. Two people may actually want the same thing, and yet, misunderstand the motives, intentions and meanings of what the other person is wanting. Sometimes, a person can say something with the best intentions, but the words used, or the tone in which they are said, ‘triggers’ a defensive response, which then feels like an attack, which then causes more defensiveness, and you soon have a full blown argument, or ‘fight.’

There may also be conflicts of interest. One person may want this, the other person wants that. How does a couple deal with conflict of interest? In some cases, it is about acknowledging that difference and discussing the parameters of that difference, and determining if it is acceptable, or not. But, that requires good communication, and negotiation. It may also require some compromise. The important point to realize about conflict is that if it is not addressed, it simmers and can then erupt and boil over onto something entirely unrelated. Conflict needs to be confronted, addressed, discussed. Even if there is no resolution at the time, at least it is not hidden away, festering.

Marital and relationship counseling can be effectively addressed, discussed, and often resolved, through online counseling, especially telephone counseling and video webcam counseling. It may not be enough to simply understand what’s going on; rather, using the current conflict as the stage for learning how to deal with this particular conflict can then generalize into how best to deal with other conflicts. Moreover, by working with a professional in a real time situation, the conflict is not only addressed very well, but the principles of conflict resolution are practiced and reinforced in real time. If conflict is brewing in your relationship, contact us via the contact form below to discuss the various options available for online counseling.

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