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$110.00 for 2 email exchanges


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Online Internet Counseling And Telephone Therapy with Ken Fields

Ken Fields MA, NCC, LMHC


Professional online internet counseling and telephone therapy rates range from $60 for a single email exchange to $135 for an hour of webcam video counseling. A package of 2 email exchanges is available as an initial introductory session for $110. You will notice this option under payment options. Following payment with the Initial Email exchanges, you will be taken to an initial questionnaire which you can use as a guide to send the counselor basic background information via email which will save time by not using the paid for time to cover basic information. You are also welcome to fill out the questionnaire and submit the information.  For the initial email package, the counselor will then respond to this intake information within a day or two. You can then reply to the counselor’s response, to which a second reply will be sent, within a day or two. That would complete an initial email exchange.  If you have not engaged in online email counseling before, this initial introductory 2 email package is recommended.

Live chat/instant messaging is generally calculated by the minute at the rate of $2.25/minute, or $135/hour. Live chat is offered in both 30 minute ($67.50) and 60 minute ($135.00) sessions. Telephone counseling is offered through two methods: computer based telephone connection via  Skype, Facetime or Zoom, at $2.25/minute in both 30 minute ($67.50) and 60 minute( $135) sessions and through a (quick access) direct toll free (1-888) telephone number, billed by the minute at $2.25/minute. The nice thing about telephone counseling by the minute is that you are not tied to any set length of time. You can have a session that goes for 10, 20 or 30 minutes, or even much longer if needed, and only pay for that time used. Video webcam counseling is offered via Skype, Facetime or Zoom for 30 minutes ($67.50) and 60 minutes ($135). All these options are available for purchase under Payment Options.