Online Internet Video Counseling And Telephone Therapy

Rates & Payment Options

30-Minute Video or Telephone Session:


60-Minute Video or Telephone Session:


Subscription Plan:

weekly scheduled access via video or telephone

(plus email, live chat and text messaging in between as needed):

Monthly Auto Renewal: $250


Crisis Support:

1-month of frequent weekly access via

video, telephone, email and/live chat/text messaging as needed:


The subscription model is an economical way to have scheduled weekly access to services. The basic subscription is renewed automatically on a monthly basis.  Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime.  The telehealth crisis support plan is a specialized intensive service for a one month period.

For hearing impaired, or for those who prefer to avoid video and telephone, only live chat (syncrhonous text messaging) and email options are available. Inquire via Contact Page