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Live Chat Counseling….

Live chat is instant messaging. It’s referred to as ‘synchronous’ in that both parties are engaged in the dialogue at the same time, as opposed to ‘asynchronous’ in which they are not, such as email exchange. Although live chat is as equally private as email, it is not delayed. The time to think and feel, to ponder about something and then type it out is shortened considerably. This may work very well for those who are better at putting thoughts and feelings out on the table without much thought or reflection, which is a valid approach in ‘the talking cure.’

Live chat, like email, though using the written word, is still ‘talk.’  Live chat is just a bit more like talking than email. Live chat is like telephone email; its like texting; its like passing notes to one another in class. When the time is set aside to discuss meaningful issues in one of the live chat platforms, it can be a very productive consultation in a comfortable and private environment. Please recognize that despite safeguards such as firewalls and various security protections, the internet is…..the internet… and like any home or safe,  can be at risk of disruption or breach, though the probabilities of such are very slim.

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