Lay Down Your Burden – And Increase Your Motivation

lay down your burden and increase your motivation

Too often we come home from a hard day at work and don’t much feel like doing things; we don’t have the motivation to do some of our own personal projects. We’re spent. Tired. This is unfortunate because this is now our personal time, a time when we can approach our interests, hobbies or simply being with friends or family. There is a little trick we can employ to help us increase our motivation.

One reason we may not feel motivated upon our return from work is because we still carry the burdens of the day with us. We have not let it go. Our burdens are not bad things, they are our obligations and responsibilities; they are important and often provide us with meaning and purpose; and yet, they can wear on us throughout the days, weeks, months and years. When we come home, they need not, nor should not, burden us. We need to lay them down. Here is a technique you can use to help you lay down your burdens and increase your motivations.

This method makes use of a talisman, one which you create. A talisman is an object which is “programmed” to bring about specific emotions or moods. The first part of this method is to find some object, something meaningful and beautiful though small. Let’s say it is a key chain or key ring, or a necklace. It needs to be of value to you. You may need to go buy one. Or, make one. Perhaps it has a favorite gemstone attached or is made of a precious metal. Once you have this item. You invest it with your personal energy by holding it in your hand and imagining a variety of images and feelings associated with your “burden” – with your obligations and responsibilities. Again, these are not negative images of heaviness or pressure but rather the images and feelings of strength, power, purpose, clarity, energy and other themes which you presumably would choose to bring to your daily work. Every day for two weeks you ritually hold this item in the palms of your hand and impregnate upon this item those positive feelings. You simply feel the item in your hand as you recall any number of experiences in which those positive feelings were real and vibrant. As you have those feelings and images in your mind, you feel the talisman in the palm of your hands. When the two weeks are completed, you have a talisman. You then carry, or wear, this item, this talisman, with you to work and keep it with you. Every time you think about it, or touch it, it reminds you of those positive feelings, which is the basis of motivation. The critical part comes when you arrive home for it is then that you take this talisman and lay it down. You put it aside, in a drawer…along with the all the obligations and responsibilities of the burden you carry each day.

You also create a second talisman. This one should also be a beautiful item of value. Perhaps a necklace, anklet or a wristwatch that you only wear after work hours, and on weekends. You take this item and just as you impregnated the work related talisman with positive feelings of obligation and responsibilities, this item you infuse with feelings of enjoyment, calmness, serenity, comfort, peace, energy, clarity, casualness and other positive feelings you would like to have during your personal time at home, with family and friends, or even alone pursuing individual interests. Just as explained above, every day for two weeks you ritually hold this item in the palms of your hand and infuse upon this item those positive feelings. Upon returning home, after laying down the talisman of obligation and responsibilities, you take up the talisman of personal enjoyment and comfort. Every time you think of, or feel, this item, it reminds you of those positive feelings associated with being home, on your own time, unburdened.

You may want to create other talismans for there may be mild obligations and responsibilities, chores and duties, which are required, while at home in the evening or on weekends and while engaged in those tasks, you would wear or have upon your person that particular talisman. Each talisman would have its own positive energy, its own set of images and feelings. The important point to remember would be to lay down any one talisman before you picked up another.

Our motivation comes from within us, not from without. And, our motivation is often generated by the images and feelings we hold within us. The use of talismans can resonate with those images and feelings that we have imbibed them with thereby activating those positive feelings and images and thereby increasing our motivations.


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