Hominidae Reflections

As upright two-legged primate mammals, Hominidae, we’ve come a long long way from looking up at the stars from land, to looking at land, and sea, from way up high in the sky. Hominidae is the Latin word for a branch on the Tree of Life in which human beings, aka, homo sapiens, is a sub-branch. Homo sapiens is a Latin term for a species that are common, the same. The word ‘homo’ translates to English as ‘same’ as in homogenized. We are a homogenized species, with special features, one of which is reflection. We can reflect on our place in the larger scheme of things. We can rise from agriculture, to industry, to technology, to self-reflection, self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-actualization, and self-transcendence. This brief audio-visual slide show, Homindae Reflections, draws on public domain images of our planet earth viewed from out in space. We are out in space now, so it’s a not like we are not in outer space now. We just climb a ladder, so to speak, and get a bigger picture, a larger landscape, a wider vision. Whether climbing up a hill, on top of a ladder, at the highest floor in a skyscraper, on a space ship, or sitting in meditation, the inclination of Man is to go higher.

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