evolutionary conspiracy

The world is in a constant conspiracy against the brave. It’s the age-old struggle: the roar of the crowd on the one side, and the voice of your conscience on the other.”

– Douglas MacArthur

There is a conspiracy afoot; it has been ongoing for as long as mankind has been around, which is a lot longer than modern science can imagine. The evolutionary conspiracy is a long-term project aimed at wide-spread, comprehensive unfoldment of potential. As in any venture, there are inevitably ups and downs, highs and lows, progressive forces, and regressive forces, in operation.

The evolutionary conspiracy is subtle, hard to detect, and yet ever present in both day to day affairs of all species, and the planet, and solar system, as a whole. The evolutionary conspiracy is ‘trans-species’ meaning it encompasses more than any one species, and multi-dimensional, meaning it occurs in regions other than those detected through human eyes. It covers all species, all planetary life. The modern ‘human‘ species is but one in a cosmic pilgrimage from seedling to full blossoming, which occurs through natural cycles over time. What makes the human species unique in the scheme of things is the potential of possibilities unavailable to others. Whereas all species are limited by the upper boundary of their development under the sky, the upper limit of the human species is beyond the sky. Moreover, modern human beings can accelerate, or retard, evolution in the same way one can step on the gas or the brakes of an automobile. Man has reached a point in the evolutionary drama now capable of self-governance, both individually and collectively, which has prompted sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson to state: “We have decommissioned natural selection and must now look deep within ourselves and decide what we wish to become.”


The evolutionary conspiracy takes place throughout very large spans of time. For example, just as one year is the revolution of the planet around the sun, so too the sun revolves around it’s own central sun, the cycle of which is 24,000 years. One solar year is equivalent to 24,000 planetary years, which is a lot of revolutions. A lot can happen in 24,000 years. And, that’s just one solar cycle. The sun is considered to be billions of years in age, all the while our planet is under its influence, evolving life, from gas to liquid to solid, from one celled organisms, through eons of adaptations and mutations, to the sophisticated complexity of mammals, and the specialization into humans. Just as planetary time, from the human perspective, can be viewed in various chunks, ie, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, etc., so too solar time can be viewed in chunks of ages, periods, eras, eons and epochs, etc. Although the orbit of the planet around the sun is not a perfect circle, but slightly elliptical, a year is not 360 days (degrees), but slightly longer. Using ‘archetypal’ time, a year is the completion of a cycle around a circle. The sun itself orbits around a central sun in the same way the planet revolves around it’s own sun. A planetary ‘age’ is considered to be about 2,000 years. Within one solar revolution of 24,000 years, the planet passes through 12 ages. This structural framework is the basis for the astrological ‘zodiac’ which is a model of cyclic movement through time. The word ‘zodiac’ means ‘circle.’ Evolution is the ongoing re-evolution of cycles each bringing forth more of the inherent potential contained within the seeds of cosmic life, of which our sun, our planet, our mind and body, is a part.

Transitions from one age to the next is often tumultuous, not unlike childhood to adolescence, or adolescence to adulthood. Whereas such transitions occur within years, the transition from one planetary age to the next occurs through centuries. For example, the year 2000 would mark the ending of one age and the beginning of another; but, the transition may begin in 1800 and conclude in 2200. During transitional times, there may be numerous conspiracies to maintain the ‘Good Old Days’ (GOD) in conflict with the larger conspiracies to enter into Days of Tomorrow (DOT). Social paradigms, collective beliefs, economic and political foundations rumble and crumble out of which new days emerge on freshly constructed paradigms. Consider the amount of social change just between the years 1800 and 2000. Imagine the days of tomorrow between 2000 and 2200, and beyond. What potentials are yet to actualize from within the sprouted seed of humanity?


Conspiracies exist in large scale macro systems, such as species, planetary and solar evolution, and small scale micro systems, such as personal growth, cultural ventures and various social relationships of all kinds. Conspiracy is defined as working with others towards a common target. To spire together, to be inspired, together, to breathe together. Evolution is technically defined, from Latin evolvere, as to unroll, roll out, roll forth, unfold” with implications of developing by natural processes to a higher state, from within outwards. The unfolding from within outwards is not random but, rather, predicated on Teleos, the wholistic intelligence behind all animation, all motion, from the basic sub-atomic building blocks to the wondrous world experienced through the human sensorium. From seedling to sapling, branches to blossoms, the unfoldment is from within outwards. Whether a single person is unfolding through decades of seasons, or the planet through ages of solar eons, the unfolding happens, in cycles of revolutions.

Species, planetary and solar evolution is such a large scale conspiracy, it is difficult to grasp even fragments of its operations. The ventures of peoples are less difficult to detect and typically small scale conspiracies of a petty nature targeting short-sighted gains in economic and political power, control and domination and the acquisition of territory, including geographical, biographical, psychegraphical and sociographical (the competition over territory is a long standing human terror story). The large macroscale of things is replicated and scaled into the small microscale of things. As such, the innate, inborn, intrinsic impulse towards unfoldment of potential inherent in all life is operative in the species as a whole, and within each individual person. This inalienable impulse sets the trajectory of special species evolution, i.e., unfolding, through revolutionary cycles of immense and unfathomable time during which continents move, climate changes, people migrate; and, yet, the fundamental human teleological drive to go beyond the horizon propels peoples, the species as a whole, towards the outward expression of inward potential. To consider your small personal life as a vibrant swirl of individualized teleos in the vast evolutionary current is to consciously partake in the long pilgrimage of The Grand Procession, to consciously join in on the evolutionary conspiracy, the blossoming of inward potentials to outward actualities.

All that is needed, both individually and collectively, is the brave sustained volitional determination, from the gut, to focus attentiveness on and involve the soft, delicate whisper of the DOT in the heart, amidst the hard, rough screaming of the GOD in the head.

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