custom plans

In addition to the fixed plans, options exist to create an individualized custom plan. This may entail high frequency video and/or phone contact for a few days or a week, or a family video session with several participants in the same or even different locations. Group educational information on topics relevant to the group in the context of mental and behavioral health, conflict resolution, communication and negotiation skills, stress and anger management, as well as team integration and cohesion training is available, including abridged Communication and Rational Thinking educational programs. Group ‘therapy’ and support groups are tailored to the needs of the specific group utilizing video webcam meeting technology. Group sizes are limited.

Modern telehealth technology allows for high quality in-person meetings, education, consultation, and therapy, remotely, by computer or tablet or phone. Modern smart phones are capable of hosting video platforms allowing for real time audio-visual interaction in the convenience of your own home or office with others from their home or office. Payment options for services are individualized and agreed upon with Open Mind Counseling. You are welcome to contact Open Mind Counseling for more information or to discuss a custom plan. You can also submit the form below.

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