Entries by Ken Fields

Palm Tree

  Palm Tree Palm-tree: single-legged giant, topping other trees, peering at the firmament – It longs to pierce the black cloud-ceiling and fly away, away, if only it had wings. The tree seems to express its wish in the tossing of its head: its fronds heave and swish – It thinks, Maybe my leaves are […]

Fight or Flight

  For eons, the human organism has been honed and perfected to respond effectively and appropriately to any perceived sense of threat or attack. In modern language, this effective and appropriate response is called the ‘fight or flight response.’ In lay terms, this means that when we feel threatened or attacked, our first line of […]

Fun With Affirmations

The New Age Thinking regarding the use of affirmations can be somewhat frivolous. The idea that you can simply think about or affirm what you want and then get it is decidedly absurd. Yet, there is no doubt that thinking is a formative force in the materialization and fabrication of our world view and the […]

The Bread of Breath

Bread has long symbolized sustenance and nourishment. The idea of ‘breaking bread together’ is about collective sustenance, and nourishment for, indeed, we are intimately connected to the collective, and it to us. And yet, as an old goat once bleated, ‘we can live without food for weeks maybe months, without water for days maybe weeks, […]