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Professional Online Video and Telephone Counseling Services

for practical relationship advice, couples and marriage counseling, conflict resolution and help for mood disorders including depression, anxiety, panic, grief, anger, stress and trauma through confidential, convenient, effective, safe and affordable internet video and telephone counseling services with an experienced master’s level nationally certified, licensed mental health counselor.

Why Online Video and Telephone Counseling?

Online video and telephone counseling service, known as ‘telehealth,’ is a convenient approach to providing effective mental and behavioral health services. Online counseling, astalk therapy,’ is a thoughtful, supportive, informative, often insightful and educational dialogue between you and an experienced, professional internet therapist. This dialogue occurs privately and with full confidentiality from the comfort of your own home. It is convenient and affordable with single session and subscription plans available.

How To Get Started With Online Video and Telephone Counseling

Visit the Rates page to get a sense of fees involved. Select the option you prefer which range from 3o or 60-minute live video or telephone sessions,  a subscription plan which offers weekly scheduled live video or telephone sessions coupled with email and/or text messaging as needed, renewed monthly automatically. A telehealth crisis support package is also available designed for intensive frequent support during a 1-month period. Individualized custom plans are also available. Review the Privacy page so you are informed of your rights to privacy. It is presumed that by engaging our telehealth counseling services that you have given consent for us to provide you with such services. Your counselor, Mr. Kenneth Fields, is a state licensed nationally certified professional with decades of experience. You can view his background information here.

online video and telephone counseling services

Kenneth Fields, MA, LMHC

Professional Online Video and Telephone Counseling Services

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