Telephone and Online Counseling Therapy Services

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Ken Fields, MA, NCC, LMHC

“Online therapy is quickly becoming a superior alternative to the traditional therapy office visit. In addition to benefits like increased privacy, convenience, and the saving of time and money, scientific studies prove online therapy to be as effective–and in some cases, even more beneficial–than in-person therapy.”

-Dr. Steve Orma

In a comprehensive review of numerous studies on the effectiveness of online therapy, the Journal of Technology in Human Services found there was “strong support for the adoption of online psychological interventions as a legitimate therapeutic activity…”

A 2010 study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that video-based anger management therapy was just as effective as face-to-face therapy for a group of 125 combat veterans with PTSD.

A 2013 study in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that online therapy for depression was equally beneficial as regular face-to-face therapy, and online therapy was even better in the long-term for maintaining reduction of symptoms.

“In the right hands of well-trained therapists, the texting approach may offer a more personal encounter than face-to-face meetings with therapists who rigidly follow mechanized behavioral manuals,”

-Dr. Irvin D. Yalom

Professional online counseling

Telephone and online counseling offers 4 distinct platforms upon which to engage in therapeutic dialogue: Email, telephone, live-chat or instant messaging, and webcam video conferencing. Each of these has advantages, and disadvantages. Nevertheless, my online therapy services will help you with your needs.


requires you to write out a little background and the issues you want to present, and then sending that email to the counselor. The counselor then reads your email, and replies, generally within two days. Though a bit slower and time consuming, it is also more thoughtful requiring the writing out of your thoughts. You also have the advantage of reading, re-reading and pondering the in-depth response from the counselor.

Live-chat/instant messaging

is a real time written therapeutic dialogue between you and the counselor. The advantage of this medium is the immediacy of the exchange. If you are a good typist and comfortable with the keyboard, you may find this approach quite satisfying. The disadvantage is, like email, the lack of any vocal or visual cues and clues. A great deal of counseling and therapy is not just the words, but the vocal intonations and ‘body language’ that goes along with the words. Nevertheless, in terms of a therapeutic dialogue, both email and live-chat can be quite effective.

phone counseling

offers the immediacy of live-chat, along with the vocal element.. If you are not that fluent on a keyboard, don’t much like to read on a computer screen, and/or prefer a voice, while maintaining the anonymity of email and livechat, then telephone counseling may be more for you. Telephone counseling has been around much longer than the Internet and has proven to be a very successful medium for most issues brought up in counseling and therapy.

Video conferencing

via webcam is the least anonymous and most revealing. It not only provides the vocal element of talking but also the visual element of seeing each other. Your computer must have the required microphone and webcam, as well as the program/application that allows for webcam communication, such as Skype or Zoom.


If you are considering online counseling through any of the above channels, you can begin with the Quick Access Telephone Counseling link on the Home page of this site; or, you can go to the Rates page, which outlines the cost for each of the above listed platforms for online mental health services, and purchase any number of sessions through the various platforms available. When you are ready to begin online counseling, please first visit the Privacy page to understand your rights & responsibilities.