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Email Counseling….

Writing letters back and forth about mental health is as old as writing. Whether writing to a friend, relative or counselor, the sharing of thoughts and feelings, perceptions and interpretations, moods and behaviors has gone on for quite some time, and will continue to do so. There is no reason  not to employ this age-old, tried and true form of communication and dialogue as a professional medium. Email just makes it a bit faster than it has been in the recent history; rather than waiting for a few days, to a few weeks, and, in the not so recent history, several months, to receive the written words, email correspondence can be within a a few hours or a day, though most often within a few days.

Writing is a wonderful skill and writing itself is often very therapeutic. Typing is no different. Email correspondence affords the opportunity for you to type out, in a concise and thoughtful way, your experience relating to some specific issue and send it to the counselor who reads it, thinks about it, and replies.

Email is the slowest and most private platform of all four. That can be a good thing. There is no 50-minute hour time constraint. You are alone. You can take your time; relax, think, feel, type.  The counselor reads, re-reads, ponders and responds.  Whereas telephone is immediate, email is delayed. Delayed resolution of a problem or concern can actually be a part of the therapeutic prescription.

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